You’re not going to close all of your sales opportunities.This is a particularly difficult reality if you’re a reluctant seller. It’s likely that in your previous roles a success rate well below 100% would have been considered a failure. A shift in perspective like the phrase “Oh well” can help you to adjust to this new way of measuring success.

The next time you lose a sales opportunity, review the conversation—as well as all of the interactions throughout the sales process–and consider what you would do differently next time. Make sure to write down any of these items.

Once you’ve completed your review and written down lessons learned, stop. Take a deep breath and say “oh well” to yourself–saying it aloud is even better. Then, move on.

There’s no need to continue reflecting on the past. This can distract your attention and put you in a negative mindset for the next sales conversation. If you notice the lost sales conversation popping back in your head, just repeat “oh well.”

The phrase isn’t about not caring. Instead, it’s about acknowledging that you can’t control past events and you’ve already taken the time to care–you took action by tracking your lessons learned. There’s no additional value in ruminating.

Tracking lessons learned and being intentional about where you place your attention and energy will help to perform in the present. Use the phrase “oh well” to keep you focused on the sales conversations you can still influence, not the ones that have passed.

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