The stigma associated with sales prevents many people who might succeed in sales—and even enjoy sales—from ever taking on challenges that involve selling.

Abby Loughrey started Owner’s Manual to simplify enterprise sales and make it approachable to the sales reluctant, starting with Customer Success teams.

How did she get here?

Abby is a designer by education and started her career helping others to make sense of the world by simplifying concepts in science, data, and software systems.

While leading a software implementation team, Abby was invited to the sales process to serve as a product expert. Having absorbed the sales stigma, she was initially reluctant to join these calls.

To Abby's surprise, she discovered that enterprise sales required the same skills she used every day: product expertise and the ability to build relationships and understand customer problems. She was hooked!

Abby is now on a mission to help customer-facing teams to overcome their sales reluctance and transfer their existing skills to increase customer growth.

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